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Konveyor Forklift

What is Forklift?

A tool that accelerates the process of re-hosting / re-platforming virtual machines to Kubernetes and KubeVirt. It does so by mapping resources (network and storage), creating equivalent resources int he target, and converting disk images.


Forklift is a tool that connects to VM source providers (currently VMware vSphere 6.x, planning to add Red Hat Virtualization / oVirt and OpenStack). Then using the same procedures and mechanisms as a backup tool, it streams and converts the contents to a Kubernetes + KubeVirt format. The source VMs are kept powered off, and the target VMs are started.

A quick start with Forklift

Forklift is built and deployed using Kubernetes natives, therefore an operator is provided in order to deploy and mantain it. Once it is deployed, it can be used through the UI or consumed via CLI or API.

  • Install Forklift:
  • Use Forklift. You can do so by adding a source VMware provider, establishing maps, and going to the migration plans:


Forklift takes as input the source provider VMs, and their resources (disks, networks, etc) and transforms them into resources in the target provider (Konveyor + KubeVirt)


If you want to take a look at the User Interface you may reach an interactive mockup in this link


To discuss with the maintainers, reach out in slack in kubernetes workspace or reach out to us in the forum.